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Four dimensional life

Our coaching protocol focuses on bringing clarity to the following:

Your health, your wealth, your family and your “self”

Bringing these elements into harmony is critical to live the life you want. 


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What we fix

Overwhelming workloads

Inefficient processes

Revenue drains

CEO work/family balance

I had the opportunity to work with Mike during my six years in the Marines.

Mike was a true leader who I could always count on for guidance, support and advice.

He always looked for ways to mentor junior Marines and lived by the example he set through his expert technical knowledge and project management ability.

Those of us who served with Mike knew that he always had our back.

Mike’s ability to stay “mission focused” during challenging times makes him a valuable asset to any company or organization


Bill Cortese – 

Achieve a different tomorrow

It is said that you cannot achieve the goals of tomorrow with the mind you have today. As your business grows, you hit ceilings in terms of profits and revenue. To expand, you need new skills and processes.We guide you to be more efficient, agile and effective so you can achieve more while putting in less hours. Family balance is not only possible but critically important to your health as a owner and the prosperity inside your business.


Success is a mindset. Its time to change yours.